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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Alternatives to Google Adsense

Are there any alternatives for monetized your blogs other than google adsense ?
Yes, in fact there are many program available in the market.
Let's look at some of them:
  • Adbrite - Adbrite is the Internet's ads marketplace. As Adbrite Publisher you are allow to Sell Ads Space On Your Site. Unlike google adsense at Adbrite you can take control of your ad space to make money.
  • BannerBoxes - Quite similar to Google Adsense which allows you to set up adspot at your blogs /sites for earning revenue. One good thing is they can pay you via paypal.
  • Text Link Ads - Do you have some space in your blogs which you would like to rent out for some revenue ? Text link ads is like an agent who help you to look for advertisers who interested to advertise on your blogs. Once you approved the advertisers found by TLA, you keep your 50% advertisement fees and the other 50% pay to TLA sort of agent fees. You only need to submit your sites TLA will do the rest for you. You can opt for receive payment via cheque or paypal.
  • AlternativeURL - This is the real alternative to google adsense (you can read it straight from its name). One drawback of google adsense is sometimes it shows a non-paid advertisement or PSA on your blogs when google could not find suitable ads on your site. Google adsense does allow you to display an alternative advertisement if google failed to find a suitable ads on your sites. You can apply AlternativeURL as your alternative advertisement. By doing so, you either make money with google adsense when google placed suitable adsense ads on your blogs or make money with AlternativeURL while google failed to find a suitable ads on your blogs. Meaning you won't waste your traffic.

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