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Friday, April 14, 2006 

Monetized your blog with google adsense

One best way to turn your blog into a money generator machine is to sign up as google adsense publisher. Meaning, you advertise google adwords advertisements in your blog to earn some token while someone click on the adverstisement. Simple right?

Some tips which might help to improve your adsense performance;

Tip no.1: Keywords
In order to has right kinds of ads be placed on your site, you need to ensure that your site / blog is rich with keywords. You can check what ads will look like on your site @ http://www.resultsgenerator.com/adsense/.

If you don't like the ads shown meaning you need to enrich your blog with more keywords.

Tip no. 2: Focuses content
Make sure your blog has focuses content to attract relevant ads.

Tip no. 3: Update your blog frequently
The more often you update your blog, the more visitors you have and more likely the more money you make.

Tip no. 4: Optimisation of your adsense ads.
Choose a right formats, right color scheme and placed a suitable position to attract more click.

Tip no. 5 :
Use up to the maximum adsense ads allowable to increase chances of earning money.
(note : AdSense allows you to use up to 3 AdSense units on a page + 1 unit of ad links on a page) Used them all.

Happy earning with google adsense.

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